Vertical Mounting Poles

The new CM500 series provides vertical, 2 in. IPS poles for mounting sensors, enclosures, or other instruments. The CM500 has a 3 m (10 ft) length, but 0.6 m (2 ft) of its length is typically embedded in concrete. The other models have a 2.4 m (8 ft) length and include a j-bolt kit to secure them to a concrete pad. The j-bolt kit allows customers to easily control the pole‘s placement—ensuring that the pole remains in a vertical position. The poles are constructed from galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316L stainless steel. The 304 stainless-steel pole is more attractive and more corrosive-resistant than the galvanized poles, and the 316L stainless-steel pole is more durable in salty environments.

Radiation Shields

The 41003-5A and 41303-5B naturally aspirated radiation shields are versions of the 41003-5 and 41303-5A that include a band clamp for mounting them directly to a CM500-series mounting pole or a 2 in. IPS pole or larger. The 41003-5A is a 10-plate shield that typically houses an HC2S3 temperature and relative humidity probe. The 41303-5B is a 6-plate shield that can house an HMP60 or CS215 temperature and relative humidity probe or a 107, 108, or 109 temperature probe. Naturally aspirated radiation shields allow air to pass freely through the shield, keeping the probe at or near ambient temperature.


Campbell Scientific has recently added the CM203, CM202SS, and CM204SS crossarms to our product line. The CM203 is a 1 m (3 ft) aluminum crossarm that provides a rugged, weather-resistant sensor mount for one sensor. The CM202SS and CM204SS are stainless-steel versions of our CM202 and CM204 aluminum crossarms. Stainless steel is less conductive than aluminum, which is preferable for our LW110 Lightning Warning System.

Adjustable Inclination Mount

The CM230XL includes slots that can be adjusted to any angle from horizontal to vertical. The mount is primarily used with directional (Yagi) antennas, but can also be used with sensors that need to be pointed at a specific target (e.g., SI-111, SR50A). The new CM230XL provides the same functionality as the CM230—our other adjustable inclination mount. However, the CM230XL is longer, which places the antenna or sensor farther from the mast or crossarm.