Campbell Scientific's NL240 is a wireless networking peripheral that provides Wi-Fi connectivity to our dataloggers and peripheral devices over an 802.11b/g/n network.

The NL240 unleashes the IP capabilities of the datalogger, delivers the power of PakBus networking, and unwires your serial-based devices. For on-the-go access, pair up the NL240 with our new LoggerLink Apps on your iOS or Android device (see LoggerLink article at right).

The NL240 is a low-power, industrial device that goes beyond the typical Wi-Fi serial device server. It offers unique and powerful PakBus networking capabilities, but is easy to configure. More importantly, the NL240 provides direct access to all the IP capabilities of the CR800, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers, such as:

  • M2M communication of data and events
  • PakBus communication over TCP/IP for remote configuration, control, and data collection
  • HTTP and FTP for posting, retrieving, and local hosting of data
  • Email client for data and control messaging
  • ModBus TCP/IP, DNP3, and NTCIP ESS industrial protocol support

The NL240 can take advantage of the thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots available in cafés, universities, hotels, and airports. Wi-Fi also provides encryption to protect traffic and uses a global set of standards so the same device can be used internationally.

By providing these powerful features, the NL240 can serve a wide range of applications to better meet your networking needs.