NL241 Wi-Fi Network Link Interface

The NL241 Wireless Network Link Interface provides connectivity to your datalogger through your existing Wi-Fi network or thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots available in cafes, universities, hotels, and airports, just to name a few. Using the NL241 Wi-Fi provides both encryption and a global set of standards to protect network traffic anywhere in the world. This new interface also provides a Wi-Fi interface pathway to send your data directly from your datalogger to a cloud data service, like Campbell Scientific’s Konect.

The NL241 replaces the NL240, which will be discontinued when the NL241 is available. The new interface supports all the NL240 functions while adding improvements that benefit users. The main improvement over the NL240 is the inclusion of an internal radio that allows the NL241 to be used as an access point (no more awkward ad hoc networking). For quick connection to your datalogger while in the field, a button on the NL241 easily turns the access point on and off.

The NL241 provides Wi-Fi connectivity to Campbell Scientific dataloggers and peripheral devices over an 802.11b/g/n network. This industrial device goes beyond the typical Wi-Fi serial device server. It directly accesses the IP capabilities of the datalogger and delivers the power of PakBus networking. The NL241 supports Wi-Fi communication with an iOS or Android device when paired with our free LoggerLink apps. The ability to use the NL241 as an access point is especially convenient for Android users because, unlike ad-hoc Wi-Fi networking, it is supported natively by the Android OS.