The new MesoPRO, MetPRO, and WxPRO weather stations are ideal for customers who need research-grade measurements in a new weather station, but may not have the time to design a complete custom system. The PRO-series weather stations consist of a datalogger, power supply, communication method, instrument mounts, and a suite of meteorological sensors that measure wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, precipitation, soil water content, and soil moisture. These measurements can be used to calculate evapotranspiration, growing-degree days, wind chill, dew point, and other weather-related parameters. The three models target different customer needs.

MesoPRO Research-Grade Mesonet Station

The MesoPRO was designed specifically for mesonets or other large meteorological networks. It is based around the brand new CR1000X datalogger and a 10 m tower suitable for long-term installations. Field-proven sensors provide an optimal balance between accuracy, durability, and performance to obtain the best data while reducing maintenance and operational overhead.

MesoPRO Station

MetPRO Research-Grade Meteorological Station

The MetPRO is another high quality station that supports many meteorological applications and uses the same type of high-quality instrumentation as the MesoPRO. This station offers a convenient 3 m tripod, sturdy enough for long-term deployments, but also portable for temporary installations.

MetPRO Station

WxPRO Entry-Level, Research-Grade Station

The WxPRO is an entry-level weather station designed for budget-conscious researchers that need reliable measurements. This weather station uses a smaller datalogger (CR300 series) and a different suite of meteorological sensors, which reduce its price while maintaining the quality expected from a Campbell Scientific solution.

WxPRO Station

SoilPRO Research-Grade Soil Station

Besides the above weather stations, Campbell Scientific will soon add the SoilPRO to our product line. This research-grade soil station combines a CR300-series datalogger with multiple CS655 water content reflectometers to deliver highly accurate soil measurements including volumetric water content (VWC), temperature, and electrical conductivity (EC). These soil measurements are critical for understanding land-plant interactions for agriculture, crop physiology, and other environmental research.


The PRO-series systems are fully customizable, allowing the addition of different sensors, measurement peripherals, and communications devices. Campbell Scientific also offers a complimentary, easy-to-use System Design Request form for customers who need a custom system. The form helps our experts design a cost-effective system that meets specific application requirements. These experts have built and designed systems that are deployed in locations all over the world.