Campbell Scientific has worked with local school, Redmoor Academy, for a number of years, it has supplied and lent equipment but has also released staff to go into the school to help teach students about the weather. The extra weather based activities have given students an exceptional insight into the who, what, why and how of weather monitoring and forecasting. This has led to the school being one of just four in the UK to be given the Royal Meteorological Society's prestigeous Met Mark award to recognise teaching excellence.

The school submitted three activities as evidence of its extraordinary weather teaching - all three involved Campbell Scientific and its staff. Breifley the three activities were:

Interactive 'Human Weather Station' demonstrations at school Big Bang STEM festival. This involved getting students to take the roles of sensors, time keepers and data recorders to run a 1 minute weather experiment, taking 10 second readings and calculating 1 minute averages.

Weather workshops - a series of workshops were ran whihc consisted of a show and tell by CS staff about various weather measuring instruments and an interactive discussion session considering different real world weather applications - wind/solar energy, transport, lightning warning and sport/leisure.

Solar eclipse NEWex experiment. Campbell Scientific took a group of Redmoor Academy pupils to a BBC event where they were filmed taking part in a national weather experiment on the BBC Stargazing Live program.

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