Konect Data Service, from Campbell Scientific, is a simple, safe and secure way for Campbell Scientific Dataloggers users to have their data collected, archived and presented over the internet. It requires minimal technical knowledge and network infrastructure and data is available 24/7/365. Konect Data Service is subject to a program of continual improvement with new innovative and useful features being added almost on a monthly basis. Because Konect runs in the cloud not locally, new features are immediately available to all users when rolled out.

Here are the latest features to be added:

  • Multi-series Line and Column charts on dashboards
    To use this feature add a new line or column chart to your dashboard views, this will then have access to the new multi-series capability, you can set the data source, name and colour individually for up to five separate data series per chart.
  • Multi-series Line and Column charts in chart queries
    When you start a line or column chart query you now have the option of displaying up to five spate data series, each one can be customised for colour and title from the properties once the query has been displayed.
  • Saving and editing tabular and chart queries
    You can now save tabular and chart queries so you can re-run them later, they are editable from the properties menu once you run them and can be re-saved with any changes you make.
  • Cloning of widgets in the View Studio
    If you have a widget you have configured and want a version that maybe differs just slightly its now easy to clone the widget, which places a copy beneath the existing widget that you can move and edit within your dashboard.
  • Cloning of dataloggers from the manage dataloggers screen
    Want to setup an additional datalogger device that is essentially the same as an existing one?  Now you can clone an pre-existing datalogger and just adjust the settings accordingly, making it even quicker to setup.

We offer a free sign-up and free 30-day trial of Konect, to find out more about this service visit www.konectgds.com

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