HydroSci 1.1
Updated: 11-12-2015

  1. Added features to support the CRS451V and CRS456V.
  2. To enable multiple CRS451V/CRS456V devices in the same communications network, the Pakbus Address of those devices may now be configured to valid values other than one (1). This opens the way for scheduled/automatic data collection using LoggerNet v4.3 or later.
  3. During the connection process, HydroSci now detects the PakBus address of the CRS451. It no longer assumes the address to be 1 (one).
  4. In support of varying cable lengths attached to CRS451V/CRS456V sensors, multiple baud rate settings for serial connections are now allowed.
  5. The CRS451 connection process will now try out each possible baud rate until it finds the rate that properly connects to the device.
  6. Added more functionality to let HydroSci honor regional settings where applicable.
  7. Added enhancements for communication stability and optimizations.
  8. Fixed and enhanced minor cosmetic and GUI control issues.
  9. HydroSci will now display all files within the OBS-3A regardless of the Bad EOF Mark. This will allow the user to possibly retrieve the data if it exists within the OBS-3A even though the OBS-3A has regarded the file as having an error.
  10. Fixed an issue when parsing file data from an OBS-3A when a user has certain regional settings configured on their Windows operating system.
  11. Fixed an issue when displaying and setting up the OBS-3A data regarding salinity that would cause HydroSci to incorrectly parse data for the data-grid putting values in incorrect columns.
  12. HydroSci now allows the user to manually enter a comport name in the combo box for connecting to a device. This was introduced to accommodate the rare cases in which HydroSci cannot resolve or detect a comport. This can possibly occur when registry settings are out of sync with virtual comports.