Short Cut 4.5
Updated: 02-05-2024

  1. (Major) All bridge measurements now check for channel adjacency.
  2. (Moderate) Changed Modbus Master/Slave terminology to Client/Server.
  3. (Moderate) Added C1-2 and SE1-4 as additional terminals for switch closure measurements on the CR350 datalogger.
  4. (Minor) Fixed a bug where 4-20mA generated CRBasic code didn’t match the wiring diagram.
  5. (Feature)Added support for the following sensors: Wintersense Road Surface Temperature Sensor, TempVue10 (4-wire) Temperature Probe, TempVue20 (SDI-12) Temperature Probe, TempVue50 (SDI-12) Water Temperature Probe, SnowVue10 Digital Snow Depth Sensor, CS320 Digital Thermopile Pyranometer (SN>3505).