Campbell Scientific has added the CS300 Apogee PYR-P Pyranometer to our product line. The manufacturer, Apogee Instruments, is located in Logan, Utah.

Silicon-cell pyranometers provide good accuracy for routine monitoring of shortwave radiation at an attractive price compared to thermopile pyranometers. Tests show the CS300's accuracy is comparable to other good-quality commercial silicon-cell pyranometers, ±5% in daily total radiation considering seasonal variation in sun angle and temperature. This compares to an accuracy of ±2 to 3% for thermopile pyranometers. The CS300 is calibrated against a Kipp & Zonen model CM21 thermopile pyranometer and has a standard output of 0.2 mV per W m-2, providing a signal of 200 mV in full sunlight (1000 W m-2). This higher sensitivity permits use with our CR200-series dataloggers. The dome-shaped head sheds water buildup, a useful feature in high rainfall areas. The shape and composition of the domed diffuser achieves cosine correction to 80 degrees. The head is potted to eliminate internal condensation; the cable consists of shielded, individually insulated, twisted-pair wire jacketed in rugged Santoprene®. A 10 x 32 bolt (included) mounts the pyranometer to Apogee's leveling base, available as an option.

Specifications and calibration details are at