What field mapping is needed to use VisualWeather with a station?

If VisualWeather is used with the ET107, T107 (Toro), ET106, or MetData1, and the station has a standard configuration, setting up the station in VisualWeather is relatively simple. Select the station from the list in the Weather Station Network screen, and most of the work is automatically performed.

If, however, a custom station, a different station model, or a different variation for one of the sensors is used, it is necessary to set up a custom station in the Weather Station Network setup screens. In the Station Selection screen, select Custom.

Follow the screens that ask about the details of the station. Then, VisualWeather will connect to the station and get the names and fields of the data tables on the station where the data is stored. Because the names and fields of these tables are meaningless to VisualWeather, a mapping process must be used to map data table fields to fields and units that VisualWeather recognizes. This mapping allows VisualWeather to create screens and reports that are meaningful.

Because the data tables are often identified with a number and the fields are often cryptic, the mapping process can sometimes be confusing. To map fields for a custom station, contact Campbell Scientific for assistance. 

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