CR6-RF407 and CR300-RF07

In March of this year, Campbell Scientific introduced the CR300-series datalogger. Its small size and limited inputs allow this high-performing datalogger to be available at a lower cost. Recently, we made the CR300-series datalogger even better by adding several versions that include different embedded license-free radios. Soon, these same embedded radio options will be available for the CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger as well.

The radios provide a low-cost solution for creating wireless communication links to and between dataloggers. The datalogger/radio combinations are unique in that they consume little power and are easy to install and maintain. These radios spread the normally narrow-band information signal over a relatively wide band of frequencies. This allows the communication to be highly immune to noise and interference from RF sources.

Three different embedded radio options are available to cover the unique requirements found worldwide. The RF407 spread-spectrum radio has a 902 to 928 MHz frequency range generally used in the United States and Canada. The RF412 spread-spectrum radio uses a 915 to 928 MHz range required in Australia and New Zealand. The RF422 is a unique 868 MHz SRD860 radio for users in the European Union that combines listen-before-talk (LBT) and adaptive-frequency-agility (AFA).