In response to a growing customer need for a large enclosure to protect a datalogger and multiple peripherals, Campbell Scientific now offers the ENC24/30, with internal dimensions of 24 by 30 by 8 in., as part of our standard enclosure product line.

The ENC24/30, because of its larger size, provides additional wiring room for various components, including a datalogger, power supply, larger batteries, and communication and measurement peripherals. This enclosure, with a backplate for mounting devices, offers one to four conduit openings or 12 cable entry seals.

Because of the ENC24/30’s size and weight, this enclosure is not intended to be mounted on a tripod. Rather, this enclosure is designed for mounting on a tower or a building.

The ENC24/30 is available in two finishes: stainless steel and mild steel. ENC24/30 is the mild steel version, and ENC24/30S is the stainless steel version.

In addition to our standard enclosures in a range of sizes, we also offer prewired enclosures with prewired connectors on the outside, ready for sensors to be attached.

A variety of other enclosure mounts and accessories are available to meet your diverse application needs for weather-resistant enclosures. To see our full line of enclosures, please visit our website at