The COM300 Voice Synthesized Modem is here—the long-awaited successor to our VS1. It enables users to call a CR10X, CR510, or CR23X via phone and receive a verbal report of real-time or historical conditions. Specific conditions can be reported, or a caller can listen to further information by keying an Input Location number on a touch-tone phone. The COM300 also supports call back, enabling the station to call out on a regularly scheduled basis or during an event.

The COM300 is equipped with a vocabulary of over 400 words—doubling the VS1’s capability. Standard data acquisition terms are included, but a custom vocabulary can be created; contact us for details.

The COM300 also acts as a standard data modem by connecting directly to a standard switched telephone network or to our cellphone package. Data can be retrieved via computer at rates up to 9600 bps.

LoggerTalk, a Windows-based voice editor, is shipped with the COM300 to create and edit messages spoken by either the COM300 or VS1.