EasyFlux WebS EasyFlux Web Software, Self-Hosted

EasyFlux™ Web Self-Hosted is a web-based software tool for monitoring CR6- and CR3000-based Campbell Scientific, Inc. eddy-covariance systems. EasyFlux™ Web Self-Hosted is a user-installed version of EasyFlux™ Web that allows users the ability to install on their own server and control updates of the software themselves. Monitoring a network of eddy-covariance systems is made easy with real-time data monitoring, customizable alerts, and data download capabilities. EasyFlux™ Web is compatible... Learn More

CR1000X Measurement and Control Datalogger

The CR1000X is our flagship datalogger that provides measurement and control for a wide variety of applications. Its reliability and ruggedness make it an excellent choice for remote environmental applications, including weather stations, mesonet systems, wind profiling, air quality monitoring, hydrological systems, water quality monitoring, and hydrometeorological stations. The CR1000X is a low-powered device that measures sensors, drives direct communication and telecommunications, analyzes data, controls external... Learn More

CS320 Digital Thermopile Pyranometer

The CS320 is a digital thermopile pyranometer that measures broad-spectrum short-wave radiation and communicates over the simple SDI-12 protocol to the datalogger. This sensor design eliminates measurement error and programming errors that can adversely affect data quality. This pyranometer has been designed to improve the global solar radiation measurement significantly without adding substantial cost. The CS320 is suitable for applications ranging from environmental research to agriculture... Learn More

NL241 Wireless Network Link Interface

The NL241 provides Wi-Fi connectivity to dataloggers and peripheral devices over standard 802.11b/g/n networks.  The NL241 is a wide-operating-temperature and low-power-consumption device, making it ideal for providing Wi-Fi client and access point functionality in demanding and remote applications. The wireless access point feature allows any Wi-Fi device to connect, including your PC, phone, tablet, or even another NL241 or NL240. It can be always on, cycled on... Learn More

CRVW3 3-Channel Vibrating Wire Datalogger with RF Radio Option

The CRVW3 is a self-contained, low-cost, 3-channel VSPECT™ vibrating wire datalogger. It is designed to be an independent datalogger, or a reliable component in a larger data acquisition system. Arriving field-ready from the factory with power, communications, and an enclosure, the CRVW3 is built for your monitoring needs. Learn More

CS240 PT1000 Class A, Back of Module Temperature Sensor

The CS240 is a surface-mountable PT-1000 Class A RTD in a ruggedized form factor commonly used in solar-energy applications to measure back-of-module temperature with the highest level of accuracy. To withstand the harsh treatment commonly seen in MET station installations, the RTD is safely housed inside a specially designed self-adhesive aluminum disk. Learn More

SR11 First Class Pyranometer

The SR11, manufactured by Hukseflux Thermal Sensors and cabled by Campbell Scientific, is an ISO-first-class pyranometer that monitors solar radiation for the full solar spectrum range. It produces a millivolt signal that is measured directly by a Campbell Scientific datalogger. The SR11 can provide solar radiation measurements for a variety of meteorological applications. Learn More

009642 8 GB microSD Flash SLC Memory Card

The 33288, manufactured by ATP Electronics, Inc., is an 8 GB microSD flash-memory card. This card is designed for use in harsh conditions often presented by environmental and industrial applications. The card uses single-level cell (SLC) memory, which aids in its ability to operate over wide temperature ranges, consume less power, and provide a reliable data-storage medium through more read-write cycles. Learn More

CR-PVS1 Soiling Index RTU for Photovoltaic Modules

Soiling, the loss of PV module power output due to accumulation of dirt and/or snow on the panel surface, has become one of the most important operational issues of solar energy power plant performance. The CR-PVS1 Soiling Index RTU provides solar energy professionals who are responsible for managing the performance of a PV power plant with the information needed to evaluate and manage the impact of... Learn More

Kalyx-RG Kalyx-RG Aerodynamic Rain Gauge

The Kalyx-RG is our recommended solutions for scientists and professionals on a limited budget but who still require scientific standard rain data. The gauge is based on the physical size of the traditional 127 mm (5”) Met Office rain gauge and has a unique aerodynamic profile. Learn More

EE181 Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

The EE181 is a rugged, accurate air temperature and relative humidity (RH) probe that is ideal for long-term, unattended applications. It includes a proprietary coating on the RH element that increases the life of the element and protects it from dirt, dust, salt, or other contaminants. A 1000 Ω PRT measures air temperature for the -40° to +60°C range. For optimum results, the EE181 should be... Learn More

CR310 Datalogger with Ethernet

The CR310 is a multi-purpose, compact, low-cost measurement and control datalogger that includes an integrated 10/100 Ethernet port and removable terminal connectors. This entry-level datalogger, with its rich instruction set, can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. It will concentrate data, making it available over varied networks and deliver it using your preferred protocol. The CR310 also performs automated on-site or remote decision making for control and M2M... Learn More

TDR200 Time-Domain Reflectometer

The TDR200 Time-Domain Reflectometer is the core of the Campbell Scientific time-domain reflectometry (TDR) system. TDR systems accurately determine soil volumetric water content, soil bulk electrical conductivity, rock mass deformation, or a user-specific time-domain measurement. One Campbell Scientific datalogger can control multiple TDR200 reflectometers. Learn More

CCFC Outdoor Observation and Surveillance Field Camera

The CCFC Field Camera is a high-quality, high-resolution outdoor zoom camera specifically designed for remote outdoor observation applications. The camera captures high-quality photos and video in wide angle and with 18x optical zoom under various lighting conditions. The CCFC consumes low power, making it ideal for outdoor observation in remote locations using a solar power battery. The camera can also operate with ac power where it is available. The field... Learn More

26432 EC155 Sample Cell with Heated Intake

The 26432 is the sample cell and intake assembly used with the EC155 Gas Analyzer (included with the CPEC200 system). A new version of the 26432 was released in January 2016 featuring several enhancements. Because of these enhancements, users may wish to replace their old sample cell and intake assembly with the new one. Installation and settings for the new 26432 are explained in the EC155... Learn More

RF422 868 MHz SRD860 Radio

The RF422 is an 868 MHz SRD860 radio designed to provide license-free operation for wireless serial communications in Europe. The RF422 transmits data at 10 kbps with a maximum power of 25 mW, and it employs listen-before-talk (LBT) and adaptive-frequency-agility (AFA) to provide a robust link of up to 5 km (line-of-sight). The RF422 supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint datalogger communications and PakBus repeater operation. The RF422... Learn More

CR300 Datalogger

The CR300 is a multi-purpose, compact measurement and control datalogger. This small, low-cost, high-value datalogger offers fast communications, low power requirements, built-in USB, and excellent analogue input accuracy and resolution. The CR300 can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. It concentrates data, makes it available over varied networks, and delivers it using your preferred protocol. It also performs automated on-site or remote decision... Learn More

PVS5120 Composite Portable Automatic Liquid Sampler

The PVS5120C is a composite sampler that deposits its water samples into a nine-liter container. This sampler uses a vacuum sampler controller, the VSC100, to allow a Modbus RTU master, SDI-12 master device, simple pulse input, or Campbell Scientific PakBus datalogger to control and communicate with the water sampler. This sampler is lightweight, portable, and battery-powered. It can fit in a small-sized manhole and be suspended by a... Learn More

CDM-A108 8-Channel 5 V Analog Input Module

The CDM-A108 is an analog input module that allows you to easily expand your Campbell Scientific datalogging system. The CDM-A108 features a 24-bit, analog-to-digital converter and a low-noise, analog front-end to provide you with superior analog measurements. This module also supports period average measurements and includes both current and voltage excitation channels. The CDM-A108 has eight differential inputs and two excitation channels. It provides both a... Learn More

CDM-A116 16-Channel 5 V Analog Input Module

The CDM-A116 is an analog input module that allows you to easily expand your Campbell Scientific datalogging system. The CDM-A116 features a 24-bit, analog-to-digital converter and a low-noise, analog front-end to provide you with superior analog measurements. This module also supports period average measurements and includes both current and voltage excitation channels. The CDM-A116 has 16 differential inputs and four excitation channels. It provides two 12... Learn More

SDM-SIO1A 1-Channel Serial I/O Module

The SDM-SIO1A is a serial I/O expansion module for Campbell Scientific dataloggers. It is designed to add an additional RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 (half- or full-duplex) serial port to an SDM-capable datalogger for the purposes of interfacing with an intelligent sensor, actuator, or display. Up to 15 SDM-SIO1A modules can be connected to a single datalogger SDM port. The SDM-SIO1A behaves much like a native... Learn More

A300 Power and Signal Converter

The A300 is a logic-level shifter and voltage converter. It provides two level-shifting channels: the first converting 5 V to 3.3 V, and the second converting 3.3 V to 5 V. Additionally, the A300 provides a regulated 3.3 V power output. The A300 is commonly used when connecting the pulse-per-second (PPS) output of a GPS16X-HVS to a CR800-series, CR1000, or CR3000 datalogger. In 2014, Garmin changed... Learn More

RF407 900 MHz Spread-Spectrum Radio

The RF407 is a high-speed 900 MHz serial radio designed for unlicensed operation in several countries, including the United States and Canada. The RF407 is a 902 to 928 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio with a configurable transmit-power output of 5 to 250 mW and software-selectable channel masking for improved RF interference immunity. This power-sipping, yet speedy, radio provides a cost-effective way to network dataloggers. The RF407... Learn More

31022 Zero Air Generator Zero Air Generator

The Zero Air Generator is a low-cost, handheld source of zero air (air that has been scrubbed of CO2 and water vapour) to be used for zeroing infrared gas analyzers (IRGAs). The #31022 consists of a small pump and a molecular sieve. The pump is powered by 2 AA batteries. A “Test” port located on the #31022 can be used to determine when to replace... Learn More

CRS451V Vented Water-Level Recording Sensor─Stainless Steel

The CRS451V consists of a submersible water-level and water-temperature sensor with its own time clock and memory to store the collected data—in a compact stainless-steel case. This datalogging capability frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. HydroSci software is included and elegantly supports test setup, data retrieval, and data display. Long battery life and rugged... Learn More

CRS456V Vented Water-Level Recording Sensor─Titanium

The CRS456V consists of a submersible water-level and water-temperature sensor with its own time clock and memory to store the collected data—in a compact titanium case. This datalogging capability frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. HydroSci software is included and elegantly supports test setup, data retrieval, and data display. Long battery life and rugged construction... Learn More

OBS501 Smart Turbidity Meter with Antifouling Features

The OBS501 features dual backscatter and sidescatter sensors, a shutter mechanism that keeps the lenses clean, and a refillable biocide chamber that prevents fouling–just like the OBS500. In addition, the OBS501 has improved performance in heavy sediment load environments. ClearSensor®  and OBS® are registered trademarks of Campbell Scientific. The OBS501 is constructed to prevent sand grains or packed sediment from getting wedged between the shutter and sensor... Learn More

SDM8X50 8-Channel 50 Ohm Coaxial Multiplexer for TDR Systems

The SDM8X50 is a 50 ohm, coaxial, 8:1 multiplexer used in a Campbell Scientific time-domain reflectometer system. It consists of a surge-protected multiplexer circuit board enclosed in a metal housing and a separate strain-relief bracket for the coaxial cables. Both the multiplexer housing and strain relief bracket have holes drilled at a 1 in. spacing. This enables you to mount the SDM8X50 to a wall or... Learn More

CM106BE Tripod 2-3 m Galvanized-Steel-Tubing Tripod

The CM106BE is an adjustable tripod made of galvanized steel tubing. It replaces the CM106, and it is easier to set up and use. Like the CM106, it is adjustable from 2.1 m to 3 m, so it replaces the 1.8 m CM6 and the 3 m CM10. It is also lighter than those tripods because it is made with tubing and they are made with pipe. The CM106BE is a... Learn More

CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger

Wi-Fi Option Now Available: Your CR6 can now create or join a Wi-Fi network. Read more below. The CR6 measurement and control datalogger is a powerful core component for your data-acquisition system. We combined the best features of all our dataloggers and added faster communication, low power requirements, built in USB, compact size, and improved analogue input accuracy and resolution. The CR6 also introduces our new... Learn More

NL121 Ethernet Interface

The NL121 is the easiest and lowest-cost way to add an Ethernet interface connection to a CR1000 or CR3000. This small device, about the size of a deck of cards, simply plugs onto the datalogger’s peripheral port. Through the NL121, the Internet capabilities of the datalogger can be accessed, such as PakBus, Modbus, and DNP3 over TCP, as well as Web, email, file transfer, and cloud-based... Learn More

CS225 SDI-12 Temperature Sensor String

The CS225 is a prime example of our commitment to provide the highest-quality monitoring products in the world. Our revamped design, rigorous validation process, and stringent quality standards are all focused on providing the fantastic quality you require to reliably generate data you can trust, even in the harshest of environments. Learn more about the CS225's quality testing and validation process. The CS225 temperature string uses multi-point temperature... Learn More

CS230 SDI-12 Temperature Profiler

The CS230 temperature profiler uses SDI-12 digital technology for simple integration. SDI-12 does away with analog measurement inaccuracies and susceptibility to electrical noise. The CS230 consists of a rigid probe assembly and up to four optional external temperature probes. The rigid probe assembly maintains the precise position of the temperature points within the profile, while protecting the temperature sensors in all mediums for the long-term. The CS230... Learn More

NL116 Ethernet Interface and CompactFlash Module

Ethernet connectivity and expanded data storage capacity are easily added to a CR1000 or CR3000 by attaching an NL116. The Ethernet connection provides access to the powerful Internet capabilities of the datalogger for data collection and control. Additionally, gigabytes of data and file storage capacity can be added to the datalogger using a removable CompactFlash card. Learn More

SOLAR800 Solar-Resource Assessment Station

The Solar800 is a turn-key, solar-measurement data-acquisition system specifically designed for solar-resource assessment. The Solar800 provides the on-site data essential for a thorough understanding of a project site’s solar resources and variability. The system is designed with fast-to-field features that simplify and expedite installation: no system coding required, quick-deploy installation components and guide, and simple-to-configure software. Data retrieval is easy and flexible. Options include: FTP,... Learn More

CS125 Present Weather and Visibility Sensor

The CS125 is an infrared forward-scatter visibility and present weather sensor for stand-alone use or with automatic weather stations including those for road, marine, and airport applications. The CS125 has an attached 5 m (16.4 ft) cable and DB9 connector.  Learn More

NL201 Network Link Interface

The NL201 is a serial-to-Ethernet interface that provides a wired Ethernet network connection to dataloggers, peripherals, and other serial devices. The NL201 supports sophisticated networking capabilities for PakBus devices and networks. Using a unique technique to bridge the Ethernet and CS I/O ports, the NL201 can provide direct access to the integrated IP functionality of some Campbell Scientific dataloggers. The NL201 can also act as... Learn More

CDM-VW300 2-Channel Dynamic Vibrating Wire Analyzer

The CDM-VW300 is a 2-channel interface between sensors and dataloggers that allows shorter intervals between measurements. This interface uses an excitation mechanism that maintains the vibrating wire sensor in a continuously vibrating state. The interface measures the resonant frequency of the wire between excitations using the patented vibrating wire spectral-analysis technolgy (VSPECT™). VSPECT provides very fine measurement resolution and also limits the influence of external... Learn More

NL240 Wireless Network Link Interface

The NL240 is a wireless networking peripheral that provides Wi-Fi connectivity to our dataloggers and peripheral devices over standard 802.11b/g/n networks. It is a low-power device that offers unique and powerful PakBus networking capabilities, but it is easy to configure. The NL240 provides direct access to all the IP capabilities of the CR800, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers. Learn More

COM9522B Iridium Satellite Modem Interface

The COM9522B interface provides a convenient way to connect an Iridium 9522B satellite transceiver to a computer or datalogger and to a power supply. When the COM9522B interface and Iridium 9522B satellite transceiver are combined, a datalogger is easily accessible over the global Iridium satellite network. The COM9522B may be ordered individually or preferably as part of the IRIDIUM9522B Satellite Modem and Interface Kit. Learn More

CRS451 Stainless Steel - Water-Level Recording Sensor

The CRS451 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact stainless-steel case. This frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. The sensor can then be retrieved, connected to a PC via a micro-USB port, and the data transferred to the... Learn More

CRS456 Titanium - Water-Level Recording Sensor

The CRS456 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact titanium case. This frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. The sensor can then be retrieved, connected to a PC via a micro-USB port, and the data transferred to the... Learn More

CS-GPRS & CS-GSM Mobile Network Kits

The CS-GSM/GPRS kits feature a preconfigured COM110A modem that allows data to be collected from a remote datalogger across the GSM cellphone network. Also included are all of the necessary cables, interfaces, mounting brackets and an antenna to provide an easy to use solution out of the box. All that is needed to get the system up and running is a SIM obtained from the... Learn More

CS451 Pressure Transducer

The CS451 is a pressure transducer for water-level measurements in canals, wells, ponds, harbors, lakes, streams and tanks. It has a stainless-steel case that can be submerged in most canals, wells, ponds, lakes, and streams. The CS451 outputs either a digital SDI-12 or RS-232 signal to indicate observed pressure and temperature. This output can be read by many of our dataloggers. The CS451 replaces the CS450... Learn More

NL200 Network Link Interface

Campbell Scientific's NL200 is a powerful network link interface that provides a wired Ethernet network connection to dataloggers and peripherals. It allows our dataloggers, as well as other serial devices, to communicate over a local area network or a dedicated Internet connection. Additionally, the NL200 supports sophisticated networking capabilities, especially when used in PakBus networks with PakBus devices. For example, with the NL200, multiple PakBus... Learn More

CS135 Lidar Ceilometer

The CS135 LIDAR Ceilometer measures cloud height and vertical visibility for meteorological and aviation applications. Using LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology, the instrument transmits fast, low-power laser pulses into the atmosphere and detects back-scattered returns from clouds and aerosols above the instrument. The CS135 complies with CAA and ICAO guidance and meets or exceeds all recommendations and specifications. (This includes CAP437, CAP670, and CAP746.) Tilt capability... Learn More

HydroSense II HydroSense II Display with Carrying Case

The HS2 is the handheld display for the new Hydrosense II soil-water sensor. When paired with either the CS658 or CS659 portable soil-water probes, it replaces the previous Hydrosense soil-water system. It features a new handheld display and a new probe design. The HS2 handheld has been designed to be compact and portable, with the layout of the buttons allowing for operation with one hand. Learn More

CD100 Mountable Display with Keypad

The CD100 is a mountable display with a keypad for datalogger data entry and display. It has a vacuum fluorescent display for responsive use through a very wide operating temperature range. Its operation is the same as the CR1000KD. Learn More

CS655 Soil Water Content Reflectometer 12 cm

The CS655 is a multiparameter smart sensor that uses innovative techniques to monitor soil volumetric-water content, bulk electrical conductivity, and temperature. It outputs an SDI-12 signal that many of our dataloggers can measure. It has shorter rods than the CS650, for use in problem soils. This product is supplied with a 3 m cable as standard, other lengths available to order. Learn More