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Weather / Aviation Weather

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Aviation weather solutions

Optical Sensors

The CS120A visibility sensor and PWS100 present weather sensor give visibility information, the PWS100 and CS125 will additionally provide present weather as METAR codes. The CS135 gives cloud information such as cloud base (cloud height) and sky condition (cloud coverage). We also offer the AVM200 which combines RVR, visibility and present weather detection in a single system. All comply with CAA and ICAO guidance and meet or exceed all recommendations and specifications (this includes CAP437, CAP670 and CAP746).

IRVR System

The Campbell Scientific Instrumented Runway Visual Range System or IRVR provides an automated assessment of the distance over which the pilot of an aircraft can see the runway surface markings or the runway lights. The IRVR system provides an automated method of determining RVR, eliminating the error associated with human observations and ensuring reliable and efficient airport operations. The system is scalable allowing for simple and economical solutions for smaller airports or airfields but scaling up to a full three sensor location system for the largest of airports. Visit the IRVR webpage

Campbell Scientific Data Loggers

Campbell Scientific dataloggers are reliable and robust and more than capable of all data collection and signal processing required. Calculations of QFE and QNH from pressure sensors, including comparisons between multiple sensors are possible. RVR values can be calculated within the logger and wind data processed to give mean and gust speeds allowing for marked discontinuities in accordance with ICAO requirements.

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Many of the systems we sell are customised. Tell us what you need and we'll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.

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  1. Most Campbell Scientific systems are built from individual components. This provides maximum flexibility for our customers, but it does not lend itself to pricing a "typical" system. Contact Campbell Scientific for assistance in pricing a system to meet the unique needs of the application.

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