New Product Support: Kipp & Zonen’s RaZON+

by Matt Perry | Updated: 01/17/2018 | Comments: 0

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During 2017, I was asked several times for a data logger program to retrieve data from Kipp & Zonen’s new RaZON+, a compact-sized dual-axis sun tracker with integrated GPS, smart pyrheliometer, and shaded smart pyranometer. The RaZON+ touts a higher accuracy approach to obtaining solar component sum (diffuse, direct, and global sunlight) compared to the traditional, proven rotating shadowband radiometers. Kipp & Zonen has simplified and improved ease-of-use, as compared to the Solys 2 Sun Tracker, with a compact, lightweight design, onboard data processing, and an intuitive user interface for configuration and Modbus real-time data retrieval.

So why am I asked for a data logger program if the RaZON+ can make these solar radiation measurements, store the data, and transfer the data? It comes down to two reasons:

  1. Cellular and wireless communication options
  2. The ability to incorporate additional sensors

The CR1000X, CR6, and CR310 dataloggers meet these needs, complementing the RaZON+ with integrated Ethernet and RS-485 for Modbus in combination with cellular and wireless data transfer options. For example, the CR310 seamlessly collects the RaZON+’s data every second; measures additional sensors such as a redundant pyranometer, meteorological, soiling, visibility, and temperature; and stores/reduces the data points while performing real-time QA/QC. Coupled with a cellular modem, the CR310 securely transfers data to your favorite database and allows remote and secure access for viewing data and system status. Although the RaZON+ has a nice compact size, the 13W power supply required to meet its power demand will be rather large. Without adding much cost, the CR310 could also be used to monitor and control the power supply, turning the RaZON+ off while the sun elevation is less than 0 degrees on the horizon.

The RaZON+ at a station in the field

The CM106B tripod works nicely for securely mounting and accurately leveling the RaZON+, even in challenging terrain.

The program example below is developed for the CR310. The same code can be used in the new CR1000X and CR6 dataloggers, as well as the CR1000, CR800, CR850, and CR3000.

'CR300 Series Datalogger
'CR310 as MB Client to Razon MB Server over TCP/IP
'Code tested on RaZON+ with Hardware 1.0 and Software 1.0

'Public REGISTER NAME				'Id (Base 0)
Public DEVICE_TYPE As Long			'0
Public IV_DATE As Long				'100
Public IV_TIME As Long				'102
Public IV_DATE_LOC As Long			'104
Public IV_TIME_LOC As Long			'106
Public IV_SOLAR_AZIMUTH				'108
Public IV_SOLAR_ZENITH				'110
Public IV_LATITUDE				'112
Public IV_LONGITUDE				'114
Public IV_AIR_PRESSURE				'116
Public IV_IRR_DIFFUSE				'118
Public IV_IRR_DIRECT				'120
Public IV_IRR_GLOBAL				'122
Public IV_TEMP_PYRANO				'124
Public IV_TEMP_DIRECT				'126
Public IV_GLOBAL_SUM				'130
Public IV_LEN As Long				'132
Public IV_SUNSHINE_COUNT As Long		'133
Public IV_STATUS_TRACKING As Long		'134
Public IV_STATUS_PYRANO As Long			'135
Public IV_STATUS_DIRECT As Long			'136

Public Handle As Long
Public PTemp, Batt_Volt

Public MBCode000
Public MBCode001
Public MBCode100
Public MBCode102
Public MBCode104
Public MBCode106
Public MBCode108
Public MBCode110
Public MBCode112
Public MBCode114
Public MBCode116
Public MBCode118
Public MBCode120
Public MBCode122
Public MBCode124
Public MBCode126
Public MBCode128
Public MBCode130
Public MBCode132
Public MBCode133
Public MBCode134
Public MBCode135
Public MBCode136


	Handle = TCPOpen ("",502,40)

	Scan (3,Sec,0,0)

		Handle = TCPOpen ("",502,40)

		PanelTemp (PTemp,60)
		Battery (Batt_Volt)

		'CSI ModBusStart is Base 1, whereas Razon is Base 0. Therefore,
		'ModBusStart = Razon Id + 1
		ModbusClient (MBCode000,Handle,-9600,1,4,DEVICE_TYPE,1,1,1,100,3)
		ModbusClient (MBCode001,Handle,-9600,1,4,DATAMODEL_VERSION,2,1,1,100,3)
		ModbusClient (MBCode100,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_DATE,101,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode102,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_TIME,103,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode104,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_DATE_LOC,105,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode106,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_TIME_LOC,107,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClientr (MBCode108,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_SOLAR_AZIMUTH,109,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode110,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_SOLAR_ZENITH,111,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode112,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_LATITUDE,113,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode114,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_LONGITUDE,115,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode116,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_AIR_PRESSURE,117,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode118,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_IRR_DIFFUSE,119,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode120,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_IRR_DIRECT,121,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode122,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_IRR_GLOBAL,123,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode124,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_TEMP_PYRANO,125,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode126,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_TEMP_DIRECT,127,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode128,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_SUNSHINE_DURATION,129,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode130,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_GLOBAL_SUM,131,1,1,100,2)
		ModbusClient (MBCode132,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_LEN,133,1,1,100,3)
		ModbusClient (MBCode133,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_SUNSHINE_COUNT,134,1,1,100,3)
		ModbusClientr (MBCode134,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_STATUS_TRACKING,135,1,1,100,3)
		ModbusClient (MBCode135,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_STATUS_PYRANO,136,1,1,100,3)
		ModbusClient (MBCode136,Handle,-9600,1,4,IV_STATUS_DIRECT,137,1,1,100,3)


Please post below if you have an experience with the RaZON+ that you’d like to share or if you have any questions.

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