The CS526 pH probe uses new pH-sensing technology that has significant advantages over traditional glass-bulb pH probes.

One advantage is that the CS526 provides better measurements in extreme pH conditions. For example, it can monitor pH in liquids containing high solids, aggressive chemicals, or biological materials that would clog or contaminate the junction of glass-bulb probes.

Eliminating the glass bulb in the probe’s design results in other advantages. These include longer field use between maintenance, easier cleaning, dry storage, and a more rugged probe (no glass to break).

These advantages are a result of incorporating Sentron’s high-tech, ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET) semiconductor as the probe’s pH-sensing element.

Designed with serial RS-232 output, the CS526 improves upon its analog predecessor, the CS525, by preventing ground looping and galvanic interference.