The NL200, a new, powerful, network link interface, is a wired Ethernet network connection for dataloggers and peripherals. It is the successor to the NL100, with many significant improvements, including:

  • Lower current drain
  • Ethernet-to-CS I/O bridging
  • PakBus® routing capabilities
  • DHCP support
  • Wider operating-temperature range
  • Faster Ethernet rates
  • Smaller size
  • Lower cost

With an extremely low active-current drain of 50 mA, the NL200 is one of the lowest power serial servers on the market today.

The NL200's Ethernet-to-CS I/O bridging provides direct access to the internal TCP/IP stack in our CR800, CR850, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers. This capability enables an NL200 used with a CR800 or CR850 to have the same functionality as an NL120 used with a CR1000 or CR3000.

Like the NL100, the NL200 allows our dataloggers, as well as other serial devices, to communicate over a local-area network or a dedicated Internet connection. Additionally, the NL200 supports sophisticated networking capabilities, especially when used in PakBus networks with PakBus devices. For example, with the NL200, multiple PakBus clients can be connected to a single datalogger at the same time. PakBus routing can also be used to maintain an Ethernet connection with up to four PakBus servers.

By providing both simple Ethernet communications and complex networking capabilities, the NL200 is a powerful device that can serve a wide range of applications to meet your networking needs.