CCFC Firmware 2.2
Updated: 28-03-2017

  1. New Functionality
  2. Added new URL to perform immediate image capture
  3. Added new temperature compensation algorithm to give a
  4. more accurate internal temperature
  5. Added lens position to main summary page
  6. Added network status webpage
  7. Added motion detect values to live video in motion detect page
  8. Automatically resize manual capture images to fit the browser window
  9. Lens doesn’t refocus if it hasn’t moved within 5 minutes since the last capture
  10. Option to update lens position when loading settings
  11. Events reset to default values when deleted
  12. Focus in extremely dark conditions uses known good focus, and compensated for IR lights
  13. Reallocates SD memory on configuration change instead of capture now
  14. Automatically detect VLC and use alternative video if not available
  15. Improved Performance
  16. Updated 5MP to produce higher dynamic range images
  17. Expanded usable range of motion detect values
  18. Deleting files offers more feedback
  19. Fixed dropping video frames while recording
  20. Fixed WiFi connecting to wrong AP
  21. Fixed rebooting problems
  22. Fixed Boa server crash
  23. Focus works better when using only IR lights
  24. Fixed iOS 10 display issue
  25. Fixed reboot on deleting large directories
  26. Updated tooltips and help text on webpages
  27. Guarantee good exposure and color balance before capture
  28. Upgraded library code and busybox used in the camera to latest versions
  29. Shut down UPNP properly on sleep and network disconnect
  30. Fixed recording view from pre-buffer when recording live video
  31. Fixed focus adjust when recording video
  32. Fixed video through NAT firewall when not using port 80 for webserver
  33. Fixed webpages so they pass W3C Validation
  34. Fixed sleeping before completing email send
  35. Improved WiFi connection reliability