PC200W 3.2
Updated: 13-07-2006

  1. New Functionality and changes: Support for the CR800 datalogger.
  2. New Backup/Restore options for saving a copy of the network map, and restoring from that copy if needed.
  3. Improvements to the Ports and Flags window for all datalogger types.
  4. Can now type in a COM port number in EZSetup, if it is not displayed in the list of available ports.
  5. CardConvert: Added ability to store processed files in uniform sized packets based on time.
  6. CardConvert now supports a file naming scheme based on timestamp of data.
  7. CardConvert: Improved user interface.
  8. CardConvert: New CSV custom file format added. This new format stores the data to a comma separated format that can be customized.
  9. Can now enter negative time zone offsets for clock set.
  10. Resolved issues: When custom labels were entered for Ports/Flags dialog, these labels were not maintained when the dialog was closed.
  11. DevConfig would return an "unhandled exception" error when trying to connect to a storage module.
  12. CardConvert output file directory no longer defaults to card.
  13. CardConvert: Creating a new output directory off of the root directory sometimes created the directory in the wrong place.