PC200W 3.3
Updated: 13-09-2007

  1. NOTE: Support for Windows NT has been removed.
  2. Enhancements: Applications have been updated to run on Windows Vista (including a new help file format).
  3. New diagnostic window displays error messages when there is a communication failure.
  4. Code has been added to restart the server if an unhandled exception is caught while processing windows events.
  5. The network map is now saved in an XML format, which makes it more robust. NOTE: Network maps from PC200W 3.3 are not backwards-compatible with previous versions of PC200W.
  6. Added support for long file names for CR5000 and CR9000X dataloggers.
  7. Added support in the server for BOOL8 variable types.
  8. New transaction log message that is produced when the server renames an existing data file rather than append to it.
  9. If you attempt to restore a network when connected to a datalogger, PC200W will disconnect from the datalogger first and then restore the network.
  10. Added a Time of Fill column to Datalogger Status window that shows the estimated time each table will fill.
  11. NAN values for Long integers are now displayed as -2147483648.
  12. Pause button added to Terminal Emulator.
  13. Terminal Emulator window can be resized.
  14. Support added for backspace character in Terminal Emulator.
  15. Bug Fixes: A mixed array CSV file was being falsely detected as a binary file when it began with a comma rather than a number.
  16. PC200W was converting 7999 to INF for the TOACI1 file formats.
  17. The strictest Data Execution Prevention setting in Microsoft Windows was causing access violations upon trying to run PC200W.
  18. The server was hanging up a serial link with a CR9000X during a program file send.
  19. A PakBus port no longer sends a "Goodbye" message to the datalogger when hanging up the link.
  20. With table-based CR10X/CR23X/CR510 dataloggers doing data advise, if a table came in with no records, any tables after that which did have records were ignored.
  21. Link failures were not handled properly for some operations including the program file receive and the program file send operations.
  22. Extended the time that the server will wait to check for overwriting its configuration file from one minute to five minutes since this check uses processing time.
  23. Fixed an issue where the server could crash if it tried to write to a log file that was locked by some other process, such as a virus scan program.
  24. Added a timer to monitor the server's shut-down process.
  25. Added time for file send and file control transactions so that the datalogger has time to finish rebooting before LoggerNet tries to communicate.
  26. There were odd characters at the end of lines in the final screen of the Backup Network wizard.
  27. Setting a value in a multi-dimensional array for CR5000 and CR9000(x) dataloggers was setting the wrong element of the array.
  28. When a program was retrieved from a datalogger, the file extension was not automatically added.
  29. Grid was shifting in the status table when the scroll button was pressed, making the information hard to read.
  30. If the data values were updated on the Monitor Data tab when you were trying to edit a value, the value you had selected would become unselected.
  31. Allow 5 digit security codes.
  32. When a datalogger name was changed by the user, the output file name was not being updated.
  33. If values from a Public table were added to the Monitor tab twice and the update interval of the display was slower than the datalogger scan rate, the Monitor would not update the second set of Public values.
  34. Fixed problems associated with using spaces in datalogger station names.
  35. Table definitions had to be retrieved twice for a CR5000 for them to be valid.
  36. Disallow invalid characters to be entered into Monitor Data tab.
  37. The Split program will no longer allow you to attempt to Split a printable ASCII file.
  38. EZSetup Enhancements: Improvements made so it can be navigated without a mouse.
  39. File Control Bug Fixes: In some instances the CRD would appear to be the selected device, but the directory displayed would be for the CPU (or vice versa).
  40. The ability to download an OS via File Control has been removed.
  41. Non-program files could not be sent to the datalogger using File Control.
  42. Card Convert Version 1.3 Enhancements: Updated to support translation to other languages.
  43. Added ability to save a day of year for table-based timestamps.
  44. Bug fixes: Repairing an empty table yielded an error.
  45. In certain instances changes to the Destination File Name dialog were not saved.
  46. Processing data based on date/time with 0 for the time intervals would lock up Card Convert.
  47. Appending data would use last file name instead of Destination File Name.
  48. DevConfig 1.9 Enhancements: File | Browse Config Files will let you view the saved configuration file for a device.
  49. More time added to the end of the operating system download process to help avoid the user removing power from the device before the OS load finishes.
  50. Bug Fixes: Problem with the XML configuration file header which would cause it not to render properly in a browser.
  51. Screen redraw algorithm could result in black boxes on the application window.
  52. Improved OS download for CR9000X.