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Updated: 30-08-2021

There are three example programs for the CDM-CD16AC. The first program uses a counter to fill an array called srs() that will control two SDM-CS16ACs. The remaining two programs are designed to control the temperature in five greenhouses. The temperature will be maintained between 23 and 28 °C in each greenhouse. In each greenhouse, the SDM-CS16AC controls a heating unit, a refrigerating unit, and an air-mixing fan according to these conditions.  

Heating unit: Activate when temperature < 23.5 °C. Deactivate when temperature > 25.5 °C

Cooling unit: Activate when temperature > 27.5 °C. Deactivate when temperature < 24.5 °C

Mixing fan: Activate whenever the heating or cooling units are activated. Activate for 5 minutes out of every 15 minutes.

The difference between program 2 and program 3 is the method used to control outputs. Program 2 uses an array to set the SDM-CD16AC outputs. Program 3 uses a Long integer, with each bit in the variable controlling one of the outputs.