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CCFC Firmware 2.7.3 (10.7 MB) 13-05-2020

Latest firmware for the CCFC Field Camera - version 2.7.3 learn more

CS110 Example programs 1 (3 kB) 05-05-2020

A CS110 weather station program and a CS110 transfer standard site calibration program. The weather station program measures... learn more

GRANITE-series, CR6, CR1000X, or CR300-series data logger program for the TX326 and TX325 that sets up self-timed and... learn more

CR300 Series OS 10.02 (4.29 MB) 04-05-2020

This download is for the CR300 series of dataloggers including all CR300 and CR310 models. Execution of this download... learn more

CH200 / PS200 OS 11 (434 KB) 24-04-2020

Execution of this download installs the CH200 / PS200 Operating System on your computer.   Note: The Device Configuration Utility... learn more

BMP5 Direct SDK 4.6 (9.21 MB) 22-04-2020

A software development kit that allows the creation of custom software clients for simple and direct communications with... learn more

This patch upgrades LoggerNet Server SDK 4.0 and greater to version 4.6.  learn more

LoggerNet SDK Patch 4.6 (21.2 MB) 22-04-2020

This patch upgrades LoggerNet SDK 4.0 and greater to version 4.6. learn more

VWIRE 305 OS 6 (602 KB) 21-04-2020

Execution of this download installs the VWIRE 305 Operating System on your computer for upload to the VWIRE... learn more

CSAT3BH CR1000X Program 1.0 (3.27 KB) 20-04-2020

CR1000X datalogger program for the CSAT3BH. Warning: This program is not intended for the CSAT3H Heater Controller Enclosure. Please... learn more