CR6-RF451, CR6, and CR6-WIFI

As promised, our CR6 dataloggers now have the same radio options as our CR300-series dataloggers. These radio options are suitable for the following regions:

Embedded Radio Where Used Frequency


U.S., Canada

902 to 928 MHz


Australia, New Zealand

915 to 928 MHz


Most of Europe and some of Asia

863 to 870 MHz

The embedded, license-free radios are a low-cost solution for creating wireless communication links to and between dataloggers. The datalogger/radio combinations consume little power and are easy to install and maintain.

Soon, our CR300-series dataloggers will have the same Wi-Fi option that is currently available for our CR6 dataloggers. This option is an ideal solution for short-range wireless IP communications. The CR300-WIFI will come factory-configured as a Wi-Fi access point, but also can be configured to join an existing Wi-Fi network with standard or enterprise (EAP) security.

The radio and Wi-Fi options provide onboard wireless communication capabilities that previously required external peripherals. Reducing the number of additional peripherals not only decreases overall system cost, but eliminates the hassle of integrating and installing the peripherals.