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Campbell Scientific - A brief history

In 1974 brothers Evan and Eric Campbell organized Campbell Scientific Incorporated (CSI) in Utah, USA with financial support from six further brothers and father, Sandford Campbell. Dr. Gaylon Campbell, a professor at Washington State University, provided direction and help on new product definition and conceptual development.

Since that time the company has grown consistently and the original US parent company is now part of an international group of companies with offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and the UK. Extending the company reach further is a global network of resellers, system integrators and OEMs.

You are currently on the website of the European operation, Campbell Scientific Ltd (CSL). CSL was formed in 1985 to provide sales and support service for countries within the EU. If you are viewing this site from outside of the EU then this country-by-country directory will direct you the relevant office for your location.

The European headquarters are based near to Loughborough in the Midlands area of the UK and are supported by offices in France, Germany and Spain. CSL assemble, manufacture and develop new products; with a specialisation in optical sensors such as those for visibility, cloud base and present weather used extensively in aviation, road weather and renewable energy applications.

Campbell Scientific Ltd support the scientific community and are corporate members of the Royal Meteorological Society, The European Meteorological Society and the EEF (The Manufacturers’ Organisation).

Campbell Scientific support the use of renewable energy and utilise several solar PV arrays on site at its UK headquarters for its electrical power usage.